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A cloud drive is redundant cloud based storage virtual hard drive that you can access online from any PC or MAC that has the required Work IT Solutions software installed.

Work IT Archive Cloud Drive is your personal secure hard drive in the cloud.
Cloud storage acts as your digital filing cabinet, following you everywhere.


All files are secured with robust AES-256 encryption and admin-controlled keys.


Easily setup secure network drives for users. Unlimited storage is available with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

Store your music, photos, and documents on Work IT Archive Cloud Drive. All files are stored in one convenient place.

Access the same data from all your computers. Use the Work IT Archive Cloud to share business critical data with all users in your organization simultaneously.

No more files left behind, they are all in the cloud

Anywhere Acces

Easily access your content from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are at work, at home, on the road or on vacation you will always have total access to everything you store in the cloud.

Cloud Drive Pricing

Cloud drive costs are based on total usage in GB per month

Each account comes with 5GB of storage included

Each additional GB is .20 per GB per month

All Work IT Solutions backup accounts come with cloud storage included for free. If you have a 10GB backup plan you automatically get 10GB of cloud storage at no additional cost.

Is my important data safe and secure?

Yes all files are transferred using AES-256 encryption.
All accounts require username and password authentication to connect.
Passwords can be changed anytime by administrators.

Is the licensing based on users or computers?

The licensing is based on users. You can have as many computers connected to the same account for no additional fee.

o How much data can be stored?

Unlimited data can be stored.

What operating systems are supported?

Mac, Linux and all Windows platforms.

Can I have sub accounts?

Yes sub accounts can be created.

Can sub accounts have different levels of access?

Yes sub accounts can be assigned different levels of access such as read only permissions.

Can I have multiple drives mapped at the same time?

Yes you can have multiple drives mapped at the same time.

Do cloud drives work with cloud servers?

Yes cloud drives will work on cloud servers and can be used in conjunction with Work IT Solutions backup.